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Stoking our Curiosity for Other Worlds

In the wee hours of last Monday (Eastern US time), a jubilant Mission Control erupted at the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity.” Curiosity has demonstrated some amazing technological feats. Now, that portion of its mission is nearly … Continue reading

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Dear everyone who doubted the MSL Skycrane would work:


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Good luck to the Mars Science Laboratory team tonight!

Just a quick shout-out to wish the Curiosity rover team well! I plan to crash Phil Plait’s Google+ hangout and monitor Ryan’s blog closely!

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The kind of technology that NASA needs to embrace wholeheartedly

I’m always happy to learn that NASA is conducting new technology demonstrations – and the recent success of an inflatable heat shield is no exception! Congress has determined that NASA should follow the 1960s vision of space travel: you launch … Continue reading

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People’s Reactions to the MSL Landing System Bother Me

On 5 August, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity¬†will attempt its landing on the Red Planet. MSL is an exciting mission, the biggest rover we’ve ever sent to Mars, packed full of science experiments and capabilities, and it’s going to start … Continue reading

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This makes me a *little* happier about the SLS

NASAspaceflight posted an article about the human spaceflight “exploration roadmap” using the Senate Space Launch System rocket. It makes me feel a bit better about the SLS situation. I’m glad to see that the roadmap revolves around interplanetary vehicles assembled … Continue reading

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And people say the space program is ending…!

NASA just closed their latest application drive for astronaut candidates. A staggering 6372 people applied¬†– the second-largest candidate group in NASA’s entire history! (Personally, I’m rooting for this one.) What gives? Do people love science and technology a lot more … Continue reading

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