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science and morality

I’ve been getting a lot of my subject matter from Ryan lately, it seems… Well, in any case, he put a link on Twitter to Sam Harris’ TED talk about science and morality, and how science could feed into morality. … Continue reading

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Scott Brown has failed his constituents

Depending who you ask, freshman Senator Scott Brown got himself elected on a platform of populist rage against health care reform, a reaction of populist frustration with the health care reform process on Capitol Hill, or a flood of insurance-company … Continue reading

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just a couple things to share

First, Ryan has posted an excerpt of a speech by Charlie Bolden addressing common misconceptions about the new NASA budget. The speech confirms that (1) the goal of the US space program is to get people to Mars, (2) NASA … Continue reading

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re: Questions on NASA’s Future

This *almost* made me register for Twitter, just to respond. But I am still resisting the “service that nobody knew they wanted!” I hope a pingback goes through…if not, I bet I can rely on a retweet from @aerognome. 😉 … Continue reading

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revenge of space combat physics

My blog had been trucking along with a reliable readership of perhaps a dozen people, when, suddenly, after a slightly stream-of-consciousness post about the physics of space combat, Gizmodo asked to reprint the material from my blog. It was never … Continue reading

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Fixed an error in an LRO image

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy posted a few days ago about caved-in lava tubes on the Moon. This isn’t really new news, but it’s still pretty darned cool news. He posted some images of the cave. However, I found a … Continue reading

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