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E-Week and Legos

This coming week is National Engineers’ Week, a combined celebration of engineers’ technical accomplishments and outreach event designed to promote STEM field awareness. A couple of my co-workers and I visited a local high school to talk to some of … Continue reading

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In the Arena

Well, since I just had some discussion about orbits and other fundamental physical concepts in science fiction, here’s a short scene I’ve been sitting on. It’s set in the Cathedral Galaxy, and I’m not quite sure what I want to … Continue reading

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Global Physics Department

Yesterday I was invited to give a presentation to the Global Physics Department, and online group of college and high school physics educators moderated by Prof. Andy Rundquist from Hamline University. The group gathers to hear virtual speakers on math, … Continue reading

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“Red Tails”

Yeah, it had some campy dialog. Yeah, it was very rah-rah-rah. Yeah, it tried to cram a lot of material into one movie. But what the heck is wrong with movie critics?!

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This makes me a *little* happier about the SLS

NASAspaceflight posted an article about the human spaceflight “exploration roadmap” using the Senate Space Launch System rocket. It makes me feel a bit better about the SLS situation. I’m glad to see that the roadmap revolves around interplanetary vehicles assembled … Continue reading

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