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research news

My lab’s recent microgravity flights gave us some good data to demonstrate that we’re not totally crazy with this flux-pinned spacecraft idea. In fact, it actually works. We were able to get mockup CubeSat-sized spacecraft to pin together without touching, … Continue reading

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good stuff, lost in the noise

Here’s what I hate most about the partisan bickering that’s been going on lately: the reactionary GOP has been so busy opposing anything and everything that the President of the United States says that events like this have been submerged … Continue reading

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got off easy

A judge has sentenced Dale and Leilani Neumann, Christian fundamentalists who were convicted of negligence in the death of their diabetic daughter when they prayed for her healing rather than contact any medical professional. They get six months in jail, … Continue reading

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More amazing astrophotos!

If you don’t already check the Astronomy Picture of the Day each day, you should. Today was a special treat, linking to the Gigagalaxy Zoom project. That web site uses as its dataset three images at tens-of-thousands-by-tens-of-thousands resolution, and you … Continue reading

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