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Nicole pointed this image out to me: It’s a natural-color mosaic of 75 images downlinked from the Cassini probe when it was 20 degrees above the ring plane. “Natural color” here is astronomer-speak for “if you were hanging outside an … Continue reading

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From the President’s speech to Congress on health care reform last night: I’ve insisted that like any private insurance company, the public insurance option would have to be self-sufficient and rely on the premiums it collects. But by avoiding some … Continue reading

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My Experience with Zero Gravity

Those of you out there who follow me on Facebook or Picasa – or who know me personally – have already seen the pictures from my zero-g (well, microgravity) experience. Here’s the illustrated saga, for your reading pleasure:

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Ithaca BrewFest 2009 highlights

Why didn’t I do this before? Oh, right, “before” was when I had just had a lot to drink. Heh. Anyway, BrewFest in Ithaca is great. Here were some of my favorites this year, mostly because I want them written … Continue reading

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Good signs from inside NASA

Apparently a group in the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate put out the following white paper. If true, I have to say I agree with it and I think it’s in line with the “Mars First” option likely to be put … Continue reading

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“Before You Leave”

I found this on the Williams homepage today.

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New Space Shows

Recently, ABC’s new series “Defying Gravity,” starring Ron Livingston of “Office Space” fame, has caught my attention. All the current episodes (1-6 as of this writing) are available on Hulu. I think it’s been interesting enough for me to keep … Continue reading

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