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Hard drive recovery FAIL

So a while ago, I realized I had too many digital pictures on my main laptop and bought a 500 GB external hard drive. I thought I got a good deal. However, for a number of reasons, that has turned … Continue reading

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Europa Mission Concept Followup

My Ice Fracture Explorer concept for getting a probe down into Europa’s subsurface ocean – one of the likely places in our Solar System to find extraterrestrial life – was just one way to dig beneath the ice crust. Other … Continue reading

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NASA went where I’ve gone!

This year’s NASA Desert RATS exercise is taking place near Flagstaff, AZ. Here’s the view from inside one of the rovers after a traverse: RATS is a program in which NASA engineers, scientists, and astronauts take prototype equipment into remote … Continue reading

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Workshopping the Reject

Well. Since last February, I have been trying to get my sci-fi short story, “Conference,” published. So far, the score is 0 for 4. Asimov’s Science Fiction sent me a form-letter rejection. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction sent … Continue reading

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Ithaca Brew Fest 2010

Yesterday was the fourth annual Ithaca Brew Fest. This is an amazing event in which guests get to taste enormous amounts of beer from nearly 50 breweries ranging from New York State micros to national brands. It’s a fantastic way … Continue reading

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So, there’s been another explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This got me thinking about risk and risk management. In the engineering sense, “risk” refers to the chance that a particular system will fail and how … Continue reading

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