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What’s the Value of Liberal Arts?

There was an NPR article today about how the pressures of the economy are casting some doubt on the value of liberal arts colleges and liberal arts education. I have a bit of an opinion on this, since I went … Continue reading

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Planetary Resources: Prospects and Challenges

A number of well-funded and well-connected entrepreneurs are kicking off Planetary Resources, a company devoted to harvesting materials from near-Earth asteroids. Now before you go scoffing (or wondering how to “greatly enable” things) – this is by no means a … Continue reading

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Woah wait, what?!

If you follow space news, you’ve likely seen one of the articles on this event. Woah! I’ve like to contribute just a couple things to the wild speculation at this point. The MIT Technology Review article concludes that asteroid mining … Continue reading

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Wired’s “Danger Room” has an article which presents a good overview of the military’s (and NASA’s) move from expensive mega-scale spacecraft to smaller missions. It presents some interesting perspectives on the forces driving these trends in the space industry, and … Continue reading

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