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Time to start writing Congress on NASA’s behalf…

Pre-State of the Union buzz is that NASA’s Constellation program is dead. Now, I haven’t really seen the White House rationale for this, but I suspect it goes something like this: “This country is in a pretty crappy economy right … Continue reading

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I just sent this letter to Senator-Elect Brown (R-MA)

He’s my Senator now, and I will accept that. But it also means I get to write him letters. I will send this again to his Senate address once his official Senate contact page is up and running. —— To: … Continue reading

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3D movies

Before “Avatar,” I’d seen a couple of movies in 3D and had not really been impressed with what the extra five bucks got me. Up until that point there was really only a single scene in a single movie in … Continue reading

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Citation style downloads for MS Word 2007!

I’m trying to write a conference paper manuscript for the AIAA GNC conference right now (why, oh, why isn’t it just an abstract, or even an extended abstract? a full manuscript at this point is going to be slathered with … Continue reading

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My research appears in ‘Avatar!’

First: great movie, literally awesome visuals, stunning effects, good acting and execution, fun alien creatures, who cares if it’s a retelling of Pocahontas. What I absolutely did not expect when I finally got to see James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

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