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One of my friends recently dumped his collection of “Farscape” on me, and I just finished up with the finale miniseries¬† yesterday. I think the show got off to a slow start. It took me a good number of episodes … Continue reading

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In Which I Disagree with the Smartest Man on the Planet

Stephen Hawking has been in the news recently for saying that aliens will likely be hostile to us poor Earthlings. In a series for the Discovery Channel the renowned astrophysicist said it was “perfectly rational” to assume intelligent life exists … Continue reading

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Astronauts in space

The Space Shuttle mission which just undocked from the International Space Station, STS-131, has beamed down from orbit some great photos of astronauts in space. This is a wonderful chance for us stuck planetside to remind ourselves that we have … Continue reading

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Some brief comments on President Obama’s NASA speech

While President Obama’s speech this afternoon wasn’t a slam-bang Kennedyesque dream vision, I thought he expressed some good ideas. Of course, there aren’t too many substantial differences between the plan we heard and the plan Charlie Bolden presented in February; … Continue reading

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Hey, Joe! What’s your research about?

I recently spent over a week in full research-promotion mode, and I’m finding it tough to switch back into research-doing mode. Coincidentally, I don’t think I’ve actually written a blog about my graduate research yet, though I’ve put descriptions of … Continue reading

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Who needs an SLR?

This past Saturday, I biked to upper Robert Treman State Park with some friends. Lots of hills between the lower and upper parks! I brought along my little Canon PowerShot SD1000 – a pretty simple point-and-shoot – and GorillaPod. This … Continue reading

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