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A difficult question for space advocates

It’s that time of year again! That is, it’s NASA Authorization Act time. Mostly, I agree with Dr. Steve Squyres’ views. NASA does need a clear long-term goal, it is getting too little support for its missions, and it would be best to … Continue reading

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Antares and tiny satellites

This weekend was full of excitement for commercial space fans. Orbital Sciences Corporation launched the Antares rocket, making them only the second private company to put a vehicle into orbit. Like the SpaceX Falcon 9, Antares is intended to carry … Continue reading

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So, the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” has discovered evidence that, about three billion years ago, the environment on the planet Mars could have supported Earth-like microbial life. Some news outlets (including the MSL Twitter feed) are billing this discovery as … Continue reading

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Money matters

The whole public debate about sequestration, cutting the deficit, and stimulating the economy is looking in the wrong directions. The broad solutions are simple: (1) the federal government should not spend as much as it does in relation to its … Continue reading

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That’s no moon…

While somewhat facetious, this petition on makes an excellent point. With investment in space-related technology, science, and development, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more. Ever dollar the federal government … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Lagrange Points?

You may have read about rumors that NASA is considering building a space station at a place called the “Earth-Moon L2 Point.” The “L” is short for “Lagrange,” and this is one of the places in space known as a … Continue reading

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They’ve Still Got It

I pulled my car into my lot today, and as I walked over to the mailbox, I passed three young kids from the apartment complex. One of them asks me, “do you work for NASA?!” (There’s a NASA meatball sticker on … Continue reading

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