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A little PSA

You know, I could argue that Iron Man is an allegory for medical devices. However, I really do wish that I could do with my insulin pump what Tony Stark does with his arc reactor at the end of “Iron … Continue reading

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A quick reminder for Trekkies

In┬áStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the legendary genetically superior super-bad-guy mastermind genius Khan is defeated by a plot hole. Allow me to explain: Khan, on board the USS Reliant, is fighting the crew of the USS Enterprise and … Continue reading

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Spacecraft Research is at it again

It’s been a little while since I checked in with the goings-on back at my Cornell research lab. Totally unsurprisingly, some very cool things are happening there! One is that the Sprite and KickSat project has gone all the way … Continue reading

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Way back when I was looking at grad schools, I visited an MIT space propulsion lab where students and faculty were developing something called an electrospray thruster. This is a device consisting of a plate covered in tiny spikes, with … Continue reading

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