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Fiction: High Orbit

This story has one purpose: to build on this entry to demonstrate how a space battle might actually play out. It has the thinnest of plots and the flattest of characters. My goal was to be as “hard” in the … Continue reading

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New exoscapes!

Well, while I’m still riding the Internet-fame explosion from my last post, I’m just going to throw out there that I think this is much cooler: Anyway, on my new To Do list are: Finish short story based on the … Continue reading

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thoughts on space battles

I had a discussion recently with friends about the various depictions of space combat in science fiction movies, TV shows, and books. We have the fighter-plane engagements of Star Wars, the subdued, two-dimensional naval combat in Star Trek, the Newtonian … Continue reading

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This is one thing to do with all those tiny screws you produce when you disassemble a laptop

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