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The Dark Planets

An article appeared today on about the detection of “free-floating planets.” These planets may have formed around a central star, like the planets in our Solar System did, but due to some gravitational interaction during their star system’s formation … Continue reading

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The Drive

Imagine, if you will, that a US government agency invented the automobile. And for forty-five years, nobody else but the National Automobile Sales Agency produces any cars in this country. Not because of any particular regulation, you see – but … Continue reading

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A friend who – allegedly – hates puns inadvertently reminded me that I let Star Wars day go by uncelebrated on May the 4th (be with you). Fortunately, last week I also got into a discussion with some of my … Continue reading

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Yes; by three units

The Bad Astronomer has been experiencing some angst over unit systems. Almost anyone in a technical profession can provide all sorts of complaints about systems of measurement. (I once put a notice on a lab whiteboard that read, “English units … Continue reading

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