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The Rings of Earth, Part II: Implications

What are a long car trip and hosting boring virtual office hours good for? Thinking about how our science and society would be different if the Earth had rings. Science fiction writers, take note. As I was writing that earlier … Continue reading

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I know what I’m doing the last week of December

I’m home for Thanksgiving, and at my mom’s suggestion, I just listened to storyteller Jay O’Callahan perform part of his work about NASA, “Forged in the Stars,” on the “Living on Earth” program for NPR. If you’re at all interested … Continue reading

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a nifty thought experiment: the Earth with rings

One of the most majestic and awe-inspiring structures in the Solar System is the Saturnian ring system. My sister sent me this video, which imagines what that same ring system would look like around the Earth – and what it … Continue reading

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Why isn’t America sick of Sarah Palin yet?

More importantly, why does a recent Gallup poll, as reported by Newsweek, say that 58% of Republicans believe that Palin is qualified for the job of being President, but 65% of them would vote for her. For those of you … Continue reading

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diabetes blows

This is somewhat of a personal note, but every now and then being a type 1 diabetic really frustrates me and I just have to unload a bit. Don’t get me wrong, medicine has made great strides in managing diabetes. … Continue reading

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Site updates

I spent a bunch of today snazzifying I think I even got the IE and Chrome hacks right. If anything looks funny for you, leave me a comment.

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Pale Blue Crescent

Image from the recent ESA Rosetta spacecraft Earth swingby:

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I’m going to rail against Apple ads for a minute

Here’s a quick paraphrase of how a typical Apple Mac ad goes: Cut to a white background. John Hodgeman, dressed in a suit nobody’s worn since the 90’s, is on the left. Justin Long, looking like he’s about to audition … Continue reading

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