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“The Last Jedi” is Exactly My Star Wars

I’ve seen “The Last Jedi” a couple times now. And I liked it very much! Here there be spoilers.

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Spaceships of the Expanse

I have been enjoying “The Expanse” series by James Corey. It’s a space opera set a couple hundred years from now, after humans have colonized and populated the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt, and outer planet moons. Spaceships journey between these worlds, … Continue reading

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“Europa Report”

I just watched “Europa Report.” Finally; I’d been holding off because it gets categorized as horror and I didn’t want random slasher aliens invading my sci-fi suspense thrillers. Also I don’t like horror movies in general. But I have to … Continue reading

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“Red Tails”

Yeah, it had some campy dialog. Yeah, it was very rah-rah-rah. Yeah, it tried to cram a lot of material into one movie. But what the heck is wrong with movie critics?!

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Quantum Rocketry Guide: Star System Invasion!

One of the fun things about grad school in science or engineering is getting a bunch of highly technically educated people together to go see a movie. Like “Battle: Los Angeles.” If you want to see a movie with Marines … Continue reading

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Why I Think a “Hobbit” Movie Might Not Be Such a Great Idea

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I like this “cinematic” trend in video games

I’ve been a fan of Blizzard Entertainment since their WarCraft II days. I must admit that I’m unusual in that respect – because the thing I liked most was Blizzard’s storylines. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay was great – … Continue reading

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Okay, Pixar…

Okay, Pixar. I love your movies. Toy Story was a wonderful opener, and since then, you’ve turned out some amazing stuff. Monster’s, Inc and Finding Nemo were tremendous. A Bug’s Life was fun. Cars wasn’t the greatest, but still wasn’t … Continue reading

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3D movies

Before “Avatar,” I’d seen a couple of movies in 3D and had not really been impressed with what the extra five bucks got me. Up until that point there was really only a single scene in a single movie in … Continue reading

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My research appears in ‘Avatar!’

First: great movie, literally awesome visuals, stunning effects, good acting and execution, fun alien creatures, who cares if it’s a retelling of Pocahontas. What I absolutely did not expect when I finally got to see James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

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