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Quantum Rocketry Guide: Star System Invasion!

One of the fun things about grad school in science or engineering is getting a bunch of highly technically educated people together to go see a movie. Like “Battle: Los Angeles.” If you want to see a movie with Marines … Continue reading

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Attack of the Space Junk!

There is a pretty cool gallery on Gizmodo of various pieces of spacecraft and rocket debris that have fallen to Earth, intact enough to have recognizable shapes. This gallery puts in perspective what we mean when we say things “burn … Continue reading

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Jovian Electrodynamics

Jupiter is one of the most useful planets for planning spacecraft trajectories, and it’s home to some of the most interesting science targets in the Solar System. However, it also happens to be one of the most dangerous planets for … Continue reading

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Call Me Dr. Twit

After much pressure from my girlfriend, I’ve signed up for a Twitter account. I’m going to use the account to echo posts here on Quantum Rocketry. It’s not a communication medium I really see a lot of value in; if … Continue reading

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