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Planetary scientists have all the fun

I know I am not at my blogging best when I just write, “hey, look at these spectacular images!” But…look at these spectacular images! An image-of-the-day gadget on my iGoogle home page showed me this picture, which I subsequently spent … Continue reading

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Solving the CxP-cancellation image problem

I was very encouraged to read that Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) expressed some thoughts on the new NASA budget this past week that agrees pretty well with my own view. I’ve generally been worried about the Senators and Representatives from … Continue reading

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More Cupola!

Ah, here we go! Click these things!

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Our biggest spaceship now has an Observation Deck!

This is just so cool. “Mike, if you’re CapCommin’ and you’re lookin’ for folks and you can’t find ’em…they’re probably in here.” That was a radio call from the STS-130 crew to Mission Control in Houston from early on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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terrifying influences on school boards

I am reluctant to bump “Conference” down on my front page with this can of worms, especially now that my readership has been on the up-and-up, but hey, it’s my blog…. Yesterday I made the mistake of trolling around the … Continue reading

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this was good, I must write it down

One medium onion, chopped One green pepper, ditto 2-3 big carrots, or 6-8 baby carrots, also ditto 3-4 slices of ham, cut into 1 cm square pieces Pasta (I used half a box of rotini) Cook the onions, peppers, and … Continue reading

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NASA, unleashed!

or, The “Apollo on Steroids” Critics Have Their Way or, President Obama Comes Through On Space I am simply thrilled at the prospects offered by the NASA budget released earlier today. In that budget, President Obama directed that NASA’s mission … Continue reading

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