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Reasons for Human Space

[EDIT: added some links and fixed a couple typos.] Since Ryan did this a while ago, the Humans Space Flight Plans Committee is in hearings, and I’m finishing a summer stint at NASA Johnson Space Center, I feel like I … Continue reading

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I love the Daily Show

Red and blue states agree: Jon Stewart is America’s most trusted newsman, according to a poll. I had to wonder after learning this. The man is a satirist, after all. His delivery is sarcastic, his graphics are built around … Continue reading

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Humans can have awesome abilities

Photo of a transit of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle in front of the Sun. Look what we can do!

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so true

Drew at Toothpaste for Dinner put up this comic today, which I feel compelled to share after hacking away at CSS to design my own web site:

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The Unified Space Vision

On this 40th anniversary of his launch to the Moon, Buzz Aldrin wrote an excellent opinion piece in today’s Washington post. (Speaking of the anniversary, check out the HD restored videos of the landing on NASA’s web site!) Reading it … Continue reading

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I just saw Sam Rockwell in “Moon” today. Wow, what a movie. The two-second, non-spoiler plot outline is that Rockwell plays Sam Bell, a blue-collar astronaut who works in a one-man mining outpost on the far side of the moon … Continue reading

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on healthcare and research

I have two things to write down some thoughts about. First, while I do some of the more mechanical computer modeling work during the day, I’ve been listening to a lot of NPR streamed over the Tubes. Today, I learned … Continue reading

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