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I Guess That’s It

I have successfully defended my dissertation. I would appreciate it if you would address me by my correct title, now: Doctor of Rocket Science. (I’m kidding.) The funniest thing about this to me is that I know that the research … Continue reading

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How to Build a Tractor Beam

Hello, Intertubes! I have been slacking off on the blog in favor of preparing my dissertation and the presentation for my defense. I know, excuses, excuses… To keep all eighteen of my intrepid readers happy, here is a video that … Continue reading

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Inventing New Uses for Dropbox

After buying my third computer (I have a work desktop in my office, a personal laptop, and a personal tablet), I became a big fan of Dropbox. The service is a paradigm of cloud computing: I get a folder on … Continue reading

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My Presentation Philosophy

Hello again, Blogosphere! I spent last week in Toronto at the annual AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference. This is a huuuuuuuuuuge conference of engineers from academia, military, and industry all presenting papers about their research. So, I got to … Continue reading

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Research update: Multibody Dynamics Simulator

When I’m not doing silly things like constructing languages, writing science fiction, or biking through the Great Smokey Mountains, I have a research job in a Cornell spacecraft engineering lab to maintain. Mostly, that stuff doesn’t go on my blog … Continue reading

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NASA, High Technology, and Me

You know why I’m most excited about President Obama’s proposed budget for NASA? High-powered technology research programs. Hey, our space program really ought to be synonymous with high tech! At an industry forum today hosted by NASA’s Office of the … Continue reading

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Hey, Joe! What’s your research about?

I recently spent over a week in full research-promotion mode, and I’m finding it tough to switch back into research-doing mode. Coincidentally, I don’t think I’ve actually written a blog about my graduate research yet, though I’ve put descriptions of … Continue reading

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