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Okay, Pixar…

Okay, Pixar. I love your movies. Toy Story was a wonderful opener, and since then, you’ve turned out some amazing stuff. Monster’s, Inc and Finding Nemo were tremendous. A Bug’s Life was fun. Cars wasn’t the greatest, but still wasn’t … Continue reading

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3D movies

Before “Avatar,” I’d seen a couple of movies in 3D and had not really been impressed with what the extra five bucks got me. Up until that point there was really only a single scene in a single movie in … Continue reading

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My research appears in ‘Avatar!’

First: great movie, literally awesome visuals, stunning effects, good acting and execution, fun alien creatures, who cares if it’s a retelling of Pocahontas. What I absolutely did not expect when I finally got to see James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

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New Space Shows

Recently, ABC’s new series “Defying Gravity,” starring Ron Livingston of “Office Space” fame, has caught my attention. All the current episodes (1-6 as of this writing) are available on Hulu. I think it’s been interesting enough for me to keep … Continue reading

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I just saw Sam Rockwell in “Moon” today. Wow, what a movie. The two-second, non-spoiler plot outline is that Rockwell plays Sam Bell, a blue-collar astronaut who works in a one-man mining outpost on the far side of the moon … Continue reading

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