How to Watch Some Sci-Fi Shows: A Quick Guide

Babylon 5

Don’t watch the first or last seasons. Also don’t watch the season 4 finale.

Battlestar Galactica

When they escape from the planet at the beginning of the third season, HUMANS WIN. End of show.

Doctor Who

It’s supposed to be cheesy, but whenever you see something so stupidly cheesy that it totally rips apart suspension of disbelief (e.g. main characters getting abducted onto 2000s reality TV shows, ’60s robots chanting “DELETE DELETE DELETE,” etc), hold “fast forward” until it looks like something serious is happening.


Put up with the first season until it gets under your skin. John Crichton is just as confused as you are. 4th season is optional.


Fortunately, it got cancelled before it had a chance to go bad! MovieĀ very optional.


Watch it all a zillion times.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Pay attention after Riker grows a beard. (This is a well-known effect.)

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