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I am a member of the “millennial” generation. You know, the stereotypical hipster kids who like some band you’ve probably never heard of and are living with their parents, unemployed. Except…that’s not me. I graduated from college and immediately went to … Continue reading

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Some Data

I was thinking about NASA’s new launch vehicle plans, and I decided to dig through some of the data in the public record and crunch a few numbers on launch vehicle performance. Specifically, payload mass to orbit. I am proceeding … Continue reading

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Senate to NASA: Back to the Future

Today, the group of Senators with a stake in the space program and NASA administrator Gen Charles Bolden had a press conference to announce key decisions related to the design of the Senate Space Launch System, or SLS. To summarize: … Continue reading

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Time to Move On

Okay. It’s 10 September 2011, and I am 9/11’ed out. Our nation experienced a tremendous tragedy on that day, and it deserves remembrance and reflection, but I am amazed at the extent to which the concept of “9/11” has been … Continue reading

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The Science is Real

It worries me when I see public figures, or aspiring public figures, disparaging scientific work because it is not compatible with their personal positions. The public gets to hear phrases like, “that’s only a theory,” or “that scientific theory has … Continue reading

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Getting Over the Space Shuttle Legacy

Representing the entire Orbiter fleet, the Space Shuttle Atlantis is above the Earth for the last time. She comes home on 21 July. The Space Shuttle is a tremendous vehicle, a real achievement of engineering. It has given us the … Continue reading

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President Obama spells out his NASA vision

While I would love for President Obama to give Twitter the blind eye I think it deserves, today he used the blip medium to take (moderated) questions from the public. One of those questions was about the future of the … Continue reading

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