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So, the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” has discovered evidence that, about three billion years ago, the environment on the planet Mars could have supported Earth-like microbial life. Some news outlets (including the MSL Twitter feed) are billing this discovery as … Continue reading

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Original Fiction: “Conference” (final draft)

I had been trying to sell this story for a while now, but was not successful. There’s a bit of a catch-22 to selling a short story for the first time: without any feedback from editors and readers, there is … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Lagrange Points?

You may have read about rumors that NASA is considering building a space station at a place called the “Earth-Moon L2 Point.” The “L” is short for “Lagrange,” and this is one of the places in space known as a … Continue reading

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Quantitative Revolution

We’re going through an interesting sort of revolution in America. One after another, various disciplines are realizing (or, it’s coming out publicly that they¬†have realized) that math is useful for stuff. Wherever there is data available, a scientific, quantitative approach … Continue reading

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The Most Important Issue

I’ve seen some political surveys recently that ask respondents to pick the most important issue to them from a predefined list, and I’ve never had any of these lists include what I think is the most important issue facing our … Continue reading

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Stoking our Curiosity for Other Worlds

In the wee hours of last Monday (Eastern US time), a jubilant Mission Control erupted at the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity.” Curiosity has demonstrated some amazing technological feats. Now, that portion of its mission is nearly … Continue reading

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Global Physics Department

Yesterday I was invited to give a presentation to the Global Physics Department, and online group of college and high school physics educators moderated by Prof. Andy Rundquist from Hamline University. The group gathers to hear virtual speakers on math, … Continue reading

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