Joseph Shoer

Joseph Shoer holds a bachelor's degree in physics with honors from Williams College and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering with coursework in planetary science from Cornell University. He has contributed to science and technology research including solar physics, optical fiber pulse lasers, interactions between superconductors and magnetic fields, and multibody spacecraft dynamics, as well as the lunar rover in NASA's Constellation program. He received a Williams College award for his physics research and teaching, a graduate fellowship from NASA, "best in session" recognition for an engineering conference presentation, and several awards and achievements from the Civil Air Patrol. Joseph's blog has been featured by Gizmodo, io9, Wired, and the AIAA News; and his research has been featured on the National Geographic Channel.

He is currently working as a senior member of the technical staff for a research and development lab, where he performs dynamics analysis, proposes concept studies, and develops spiffy Matlab tools.

Joseph's hobbies and interests include following and speculating about space exploration, casual road biking, flatwater kayaking, reading and writing science fiction, hiking in state and national parks, drawing maps, and playing strategy games.

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