Call Me Dr. Twit

After much pressure from my girlfriend, I’ve signed up for a Twitter account. I’m going to use the account to echo posts here on Quantum Rocketry.

It’s not a communication medium I really see a lot of value in; if I want to convey information I would much, much, much, much rather do so here, where I have more than 140 characters to develop an idea, in context, without conforming to the soundbite-based, ultra-distilled, headline-only view of things that seems to be the current trend on the Internet. (There goes my liberal arts background, shouting opinions at anyone who will listen!)  And if I feel like being silly and inane, I’d rather do that on a narrowcast medium like Facebook, where my silliness will go to my friends who know what to expect and how to interpret such activity, instead of a broadcast medium like Twitter.

But, though I shall continue my rebellion, I finally got an account anyway. (And I just have to continue my rebellion against all the people who instantly must check everything on their smartphones instead of interacting with me when I’m right in front of their faces!) It is jpshoer. This is 10% to allow further Twitter-based interaction with ‘netizens who read this blog, and 90% because a Twitter account is a requisite for NASA Tweet-ups.

Just remember, kids: one of the few things I think are more stupid than Twitter is the word “tweep,” so don’t call me that.

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