Okay, Pixar…

Okay, Pixar. I love your movies. Toy Story was a wonderful opener, and since then, you’ve turned out some amazing stuff. Monster’s, Inc and Finding Nemo were tremendous. A Bug’s Life was fun. Cars wasn’t the greatest, but still wasn’t a bad film.

While I worried that you had caught Disneysequelitis with Toy Story 2, you even showed me that you could make a great sequel.

The Incredibles and Wall-E very quickly became some of my favorite movies. They’re both visually stunning with engrossing plotlines and characters that make me smile.

But this time, Pixar…this time I think you’re going to hit me too close to home!

2 thoughts on “Okay, Pixar…”

  1. What did they do?

    (Also, it amuses me greatly that under “Related posts” the only item is “1. fresh from Wegman’s”)

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