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I concocted the world of Oghura (the 'gh' is a uvular trill - example from Jono) shortly after reading one too many derivatives of J.R.R. Tolkien's works

So I set out to make up my own world, with entirely new races. I drew a map and populated it with humans, reptilian creatures, and avian creatures. I sketched out a plot. But I soon realized that the plot I'd written was basically a travelogue through the map, introducing each of the races, and I decided to throw it out. However, this was fortunate - because two of my characters had gone and developed a connection on their own. It is that connection that I explore in the plot I'm writing now.

Plot Teaser

Gur Huyora, a nomadic Oghuran woman, had her life ripped out from under her when a Kalatchali raiding party from across the Red Mountains killed her entire family. She sank into despondancy and despair, taking to wandering the streets of Oghura Karat when she wasn't lost in sorrow in her empty family home, before a family friend forces Huyora to join the Oghuran scout corps to get her active again. Over the course of years as a scout, Huyora slowly turns her depression into a hunt for vengeance against the Kalatchali raiders. On one foray into the ruins of Biran Tol, Huyora crosses paths with Harsa Ellison, a man from the south who is in danger of suffering very nearly the same fate Huyora endured years earlier.

Dramatis Personae

Desert Sentry

The Elisson Family

ghutoya ngu otqersy rozh otqosen sughosh, zoe otqosen toyehs nas ezat nas ghutosh yegho.

shozhya otutezh noas osulharent zsheosh, huneku sugh hungaset yat taq kharo, atkhenat shralhuGuy sata ruhra, ngu atsurkkh yat nas tanghatezo.

aero qoseza shukshaosh zatu otkhos tuan, seratezo roskaken uzh nas tukhaosh.

gosh atkhos zhanosh ghor.

Look to the sky where the stars reside, for the stars guide us when we seek them.

Across the expanse our spirits fly, unbound by barriers of dark stone, a journey inherited through time, to an end of our own making.

Starlight sweeps over the land below, revealing its contours as we walk.

To travel a land is to know it.

- The Poet Uqoz Nakher

The Family Gur

The Family Tenga

Suhurrak of Oghura Karat


Setting and Culture

Oghuran Language


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