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How to Watch Some Sci-Fi Shows: A Quick Guide

Babylon 5 Don’t watch the first or last seasons. Also don’t watch the season 4 finale. Battlestar Galactica When they escape from the planet at the beginning of the third season, HUMANS WIN. End of show. Doctor Who It’s supposed … Continue reading

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Since, according to my TV, it’s time to think about holiday gifts already…

…and, because I got my girlfriend a giant Lego space shuttle for her birthday, I got a Lego catalog in the mail… This is totally my gift list this year!

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A Case for Asteroid Missions

We’ve discussed President Obama’s plans for NASA in my research group. Things look good for us: as a team working on spacecraft technology research, looking for things that will make construction, maneuvering, and other activities in space easier, cheaper, and … Continue reading

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Astronauts in space

The Space Shuttle mission which just undocked from the International Space Station, STS-131, has beamed down from orbit some great photos of astronauts in space. This is a wonderful chance for us stuck planetside to remind ourselves that we have … Continue reading

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This is one thing to do with all those tiny screws you produce when you disassemble a laptop

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diabetes blows

This is somewhat of a personal note, but every now and then being a type 1 diabetic really frustrates me and I just have to unload a bit. Don’t get me wrong, medicine has made great strides in managing diabetes. … Continue reading

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Site updates

I spent a bunch of today snazzifying I think I even got the IE and Chrome hacks right. If anything looks funny for you, leave me a comment.

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