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Currently, I am a spacecraft architect for deep space exploration spacecraft - especially small spacecraft.

At Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

At Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

I did my graduate research on technologies for use in next-generation spacecraft systems, with an emphasis on taking advantage of natural dynamics or unusual physical phenomena. My work was a mixture of laboratory experiments and simulation, including some systems engineering and design.

I have taken a wide range of courses: physics, astronomy, geology, linguistics, computer science, history, and creative writing. That about reflects the range of my interests! I'm happy that I pursued physics and spacecraft engineering as my primary study, though I'm sure if I had discovered geology earlier in my academic career I would have ended up as a planetary scientist.

My hobbies include playing with my homebuilt gaming computer, board gaming, reading science fiction, doing a bit of my own writing and fictional world-building, drawing fancy imaginary maps, some other art and photography, cooking, biking, and beer-brewing. And making a web site about those items, of course.

That's a bit about me...poke around my web site for more!

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