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Short Stories

Williams College runs a "Winter Study" program, in which students take a three-week class during the month of January. These are usually sort of off the beaten path for college classes. In January 2003, my Winter Study was titled "Science Fiction Writing Workshop," conducted under the guidance of writer-in-residence Paul Park, which got me started seriously writing sci-fi shorts. I produced a little over a story a week, and I still like some of them. Here is a selection, as well as a few stories I've written since then.

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Fictional Universes

I have always been interested in science fiction (and fantasy, but SF is really where my heart is). I'm influenced by just about any SF story I read - recent favorites include Peter F. Hamilton, Paul Anderson, and Garth Nix. I regularly indulge in mental world-building, and many of those get translated into doodles, sketches, maps...or more.


The desert of Oghura is a parched land populated by reptilian nomads who draw power from their mystical Stream. The Oghurans are spiritual creatures who, through hard labors and perseverance, have made their desert into the perfect habitat for their own kind. However, in a world also peopled by noble men and vengeful avian creatures, every Oghuran must also be a warrior - even those who feel they have nothing to fight for.

The Cathedral Galaxy

This universe grew out of a map I drew - a galaxy with political divisions hundreds of light-years across. It may be the Milky Way, it may be a distant formation in the far future or far past - but its galaxy-spanning civilizations must come to terms with the source of the artifacts that allow them to pass through superluminal channels.

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